Our Heritage

Our Vision

We believe that comfort makes the world go ‘round—that nothing beats a great night’s sleep, and down time with family and friends restores your spirit.


Our Passion

Our passion? Your comfort. We want you to get your best sleep ever and to have a space that relaxes and inspires you. So, we strive to provide the best quality, the best style...the best of everything, because you deserve it!


Our Impact

Doing Good, Feels Good.
Cozy Classic is committed to making good choices—for our customers, our employees, our planet. Sleep better at night knowing that our products are safely and ethically made, and that greater sustainability is always our goal.



Our Commitment

We are committed to ever increasing sustainability and strive to provide more innovative products that are good for you and the planet.

Using premium raw materials that meet the highest environmental and ethical standards
Working with suppliers and manufacturers who certify safe working conditions and fair wages for their employees
    Spanning the globe for the latest and greatest in environmentally friendly products and materials to create sustainable products.


         From Management of the Cozy Classic.

       “From our fabulous designers to our customer care experts and everyone in between—our team is an amazing group of individuals committed to providing quality products that create lasting comfort and joy for our customers.”



        Our Focus

      • Uncompromising quality 
      • Expert craftsmanship
      • Premium material
      • Excellent customer service